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Our Mission

What does it mean to be truly limitless?

Aïstimo helps to increase human potential in the digital age through an inclusive use of the senses.

What We Do

Aïstimo designs creative experiences across digital and analog interfaces.

Aïstimo also provides advisory using the latest design thinking and training methods.

Who We Are

Aïstimo is founded by Maya Zitting. She is a creative entrepreneur based in Paris with Finnish origins. Her diverse professional experience traverses technology consulting, training and marketing for the fashion, beauty and luxury industries. She holds a MSc. in Economics, a diploma in Performing Arts and a WSET Level 3 in Wine. She speaks five languages fluently, and is passionate about dance and sustainability.
Our Story

Aïstimo (n., /ice-tea-moh/) comes from the Finnish language. It translates to “Sensery” in English, which highlights the studio’s purpose as the destination for all things multi-sensory. The name carries ‘nostrils’, i.e. a diacritic, in order to add a sense of ‘smell’ to A.I., Artificial Intelligence (and for the right French pronunciation).

Mo’ Ice Tea? Get in touch to discuss more, and we’ll brew you a cuppa!