What We Do


Aïstimo’s work focuses on connecting technology with the world of scents. Our prime mission is to bring awareness to olfaction, with a special focus on joy and inclusivity.

We are particularly interested in the creative process and how the conditions under which it is conducted can be improved, but we also look at themes that are connected with this topic, such as embodiment, human performance and virtual identities.

Many insight studios investigate either user experience or customer experience. Aïstimo focuses on the human experience. We think that this allows a better emphasis on authenticity and inclusivity.


If you are looking to add scent to your experience, or wish to create a multi-sensory project, talk to us!

Coming Soon 

We’re excited to be working on a technology solution that introduces a whole new chapter to the history of olfaction. If you’d like to know more, sign up for news.

Discover Our Work

Some examples of our work can be seen below.

Picture from an art exhibition, showing an art experience using augmented reality and a smell of a rose

A Digital Rose

Exhibited in October 2020 at Helsinki City Museum during the Aavistus Festival. Accompanied by a real smell of a rose, this AR work pays homage to the great clubbing cities in the world during a year of mourning.

A decorative scented work and indoor sculpture created by Maya Zitting combining natural fibres in a sustainable and plastic-free creation

Traditional Crafts

The work, woven from natural fibers, honours traditional arts and crafts skills. It draws from centuries-old use of fragranced interior objects and rewards the maker during the creative process.

One of our products, a creative sensory awareness learning tool for education and creativity

For Training

A portable smell activation game that can be easily customised. Used as part of a learning and development toolkit, it can be used e.g. for activation, education and documentation purposes.